Administrative Assistant


Venus became a member of our team in early 2016 and are we happy to have her!  Her prior experience in payroll, HR, & office administration allowed Venus to master the many aspects of her job. She handles daily work orders, all aspects of payroll, monthly WC reports, admin A/P, and assists in all areas of human resources and the daily multitude of office tasks.  She is always pleasant and is an eager assistant to Alma, assisting with typing job proposals, subcontractor contracts, insurance certs, inspection requests, and more.  She is responsible for wearing multiple hats and does so with a smile – without fail!  

A website about Tri-City Builders would not be complete without mention of Cheryl Sparks.  Cheryl started at Tri-City in 1984 and ran the office until she retired in June 2013.  As the years went on, the increasing documentation requirements from clients, insurance companies, state and federal agencies required very complex and detailed office procedures.  Cheryl stepped up to every challenge and created office procedures that are undeniably efficient.  She was often called upon by our clients to provide information which they could not locate in their own files.  Her 19 years of service built what is now an extremely efficient office.   Cheryl spent six months training her successor, Alma, and has left us in very good hands.   We are forever thankful to Cheryl for all her years of hard work and her 100% dedication to TCB.

Public Relations

Rick's wife Wendy has been there from the beginning.  Running the paperwork for Sowski Construction - later renamed to Tri-City Builders - from their one-bedroom home back in the 1980's was the start of what has become a very efficient, professional, and detailed office environment.   She stepped away from day to day operations to raise their two children, Emily and Kevin, leaving Cheryl Sparks in charge of the office. With Cheryl's recent retirement and the children grown, Wendy is now back in the office and is responsible for month-end bookkeeping and tax prep, job costing analysis, insurance procurement,  special projects, and H.R.

WENDY SOWSKI ​Chief Financial Officer
Office Manager


Spencer joined our team in early 2015 and quickly became a key contributor to our Estimating Department.  Bringing over 30 years experience in both hands-on and managerial & administrative construction, Spencer is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the commercial construction industry.  His vast experience includes almost 20 years as a project manager and almost 14 years as a carpenter and superintendent.  With a reputable history in the industry, a profound attention to detail, and unparalleled dedication, we are proud to have Spencer providing our customers with excellent service in job proposals and consultation. 

We could not be more proud of our outstanding field crew.  We are primarily an in-house GC and have hired, trained, and retained some of the most skilled and dedicated painters, carpenters, drywallers, plumbers, electricians and construction generalists.  With the majority working at TCB about ten years, we are proud to call these craftsmen our family.  They are the reason we are always busy, very successful, and highly reputable for our quality of work.

Emily, daughter of Rick and Wendy, and creator of this website, works part time for TCB.  She oversees all aspects of social media as well as sponsorships, event planning and client relations. In addition, she assists the office staff as needed and specifically works on special projects.  We are looking forward to getting Emily involved with CAD designing and jobsite administration.

As a 2007 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in landscape architecture, Luis came to us in mid 2012 with several years experience in construction design and architecture. His experience also includes estimating, client and trade communications, on-site meetings, and site analysis. His extensive experience with AutoCAD and electronic blueprints has been a great asset to TCB. He has quickly proven to be a key contributor to the organization and has made it possible to increase the number job proposals submitted by TCB. Luis is often applauded for his knowledge, attention to detail and undeniable likeability. 
Alma began working at TCB in 2012 and is the rock of all things administrative. She was trained for a full six months by our outgoing/retiring office manager of 19 years. Alma came to us with previous construction management, clerical, and accounting skills and was a great fit for our Office Manager position. With the help of her office staff, Alma successfully manages a variety of tasks in TCB’s day-to-day office duties including customer and vendor contracts, accounts payable/receivable, job costing, payroll, insurance, and the many areas of communications and compliance. Alma is often applauded by clients, auditors, vendors and subcontractors for her meticulous manner in which she handles our office and administration.  It’s an extremely busy, detail-oriented job, and Alma has it all under control!
Tony was hired on at Tri-City Builders in 2000. He began as a journeyman and quickly proved himself to be a leader. Tony's past work experience had given him vast knowledge in many areas of commercial construction which is a huge advantage for overseeing and advancing our crew. As his own knowledge and experience grew so did his position. Tony was promoted to superintendant in 2004 and has proven to be extremely capable and successful in this position. While managing onsite crews, he works to provide expertise in the “hands-on” aspect of the construction. Tony has run everything from a small “paint and clean” job to a $2.7 million development. Tony oversees all the “nuts and bolts” of each project insuring quality workmanship, timeliness, and a clean and safe job site. Clients, subcontractors, and city inspectors cannot praise Tony enough for the manner in which he handles all aspects of the job.
SINCE 1986
Retired Office Manager

        Rick began working in construction in 1980. After successfully running a sole proprietorship for three years, he founded Tri-City Builders in 1986 (incorporated in 1989). TCB began as a small construction company doing both home improvements and tenant improvements. Within a few years, Rick decided to focus on strictly commercial jobs. Based solely on word of mouth, TCB has been growing and thriving every year for the past 30 years. Rick has overseen all aspects of several thousand jobs ranging from of few hundred dollars to a several million dollars. Rick is known by our customers as the guy who thinks outside the box and frequently finds ways to save the client money. His expertise and experience is so vast that he is the “go to” guy for many clients needing a complex problem solved, or a job completed in record time. As the G.C., Rick oversees all aspects including bidding, scheduling, material purchases, subcontractor coordination, billing review, and final walk through. As needed, Rick will meet with owners, tenants, and architects. In 2000, Rick added Tony Carrillo to the team and the two have successfully completed hundreds of jobs each year.​